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 10 Gems From Race Horse Trainers

In times past race horse trainers usually played their cards close to their chests. They didn’t give much away in case they brought a well orchestrated plunge on one of their runners unstuck. These days prize money is the prime goal of most trainers not the punt - and they understand that being interviewed by the media is a worthwhile exercise as it provides an opportunity to promote their businesses.

When trainers do speak, they're often worth listening to - as they give updates on horses’ levels of condition and progress. This is information that punters previously weren’t privy to. They can even steer you onto a winner, something that trainers like David Hayes are actually pretty good at doing – he once tipped six winners in a row to radio listeners.

Here are 10 gems of wisdom from some of our leading trainers -

(1) “A horse doesn’t stride past it’s nose – so the lower it’s nose the longer the stride”. (Tony McEvoy)

(2) “Chestnut horses seem to handle the heat well”. (Doug Harrison)

(3) “Good mares are great horses to have – they’re consistent, they’re gutsy and they hold their form”. (Roger James)

(4) “We see it every year when 3 year olds get up to 1800 metres and further - their form changes considerably”. (Chris Waller)

(5) “We try to use him (Craig Williams) when they’re ready to win”. (Ciaron Maher)

(6) “Horses trained on the track usually run well on the track”. (Mick Price)

(7) “A good draw is essential – especially in staying events where there are so many questions concerning a horse’s ability to run the distance”. (Pat Hyland)

(8) “I like them when they come down in class and weight – that doesn’t happen very often”. (David Hayes)

(9) “ We all know how much blinkers can improve a horse – especially a young horse”. (Michael O’Sullivan)

(10) “In this game – you never stop learning – never” (Bart Cummings).


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