How You Can Get Better Quadrella

How To Get Better Quadrella Dividends

The Quadrella is a favourite bet type of many punters. Snag a quaddie and you'll usually pick up a pretty nice collect. In this article we’ll show you how you can get better quadrella dividends and increase your ‘nice quaddie collect' by over 100%.

The ‘Big 3’ totes – UBET, the NSW TAB and the Victorian TAB all operate quadrellas on the same races so we thought it would be interesting to compare their dividends.

We looked at the quadrella dividends from the
Melbourne and Sydney Saturday and Wednesday race meetings over a three month period. During the period there were a total of 52 race meetings covered.

A bit surprisingly, we found that there was a huge variation in the quadrella dividends at each of the TABs. We also discovered over the survey period that one TAB was much more likely to pay you a higher dividend than another. Remember, the quadrellas were on the exactly same races, for the same outlays and were in every respect the same bets. The only differences were which TABs the quadrellas were placed with - and the payouts.

The table below shows how often each of the three TABs paid the highest quadrella dividend -

                Quadrella Dividends of the 3 TABS – UBET, NSW TAB & Vic TAB



     NSW TAB

       Vic TAB











As the above table shows, you would have regularly got the best quadrella returns by putting your quaddies on with the NSW TAB and to a lesser extent UBET. The Vic TAB would have returned you the highest dividend just 15% of the time.

Its well worth aiming for the best quaddie dividend because the difference between the highest and lowest payouts can result in heartbreak if you get the ‘wrong end of the stick’. For example during the survey period the NSW TAB’s quadrella dividend on a 
MooneeValley meeting was a whopping $73,865 compared to *UBET's payout of only $32,576 for exactly the same bet. Only two weeks later the NSW TAB’s Quadrella dividend on another the MooneyValley
 meeting was $36,770 compared to the Vic TAB’s payout of just $16,739. On both occasions the NSW TAB’s quadrella payout was over 100% higher than their counterparts. If you were paid the lower dividend you’d certainly feel short changed wouldn’t you? (*UBET was known as Tattsbet at the time).

Mind you there is no guarantee that one TAB will necessarily pay a better quadrella dividend than another. However, going on the results shown above, coming into the last leg I would much rather have my quadrella riding with the NSW TAB than the Vic TAB.

We know that these irregularities in payout levels exist but trying to fathom exactly why one TAB seems to regularly pay a higher quadrella dividend than another is a difficult task. All the TABs have the same commission take out for the quadrella - 20%. That leaves 80% of the pool to be divided up amongst the successful quadrella ticket holders.

It could be that the above figures are just a statistical anomaly and that over a much longer period of time they would tend to even out between the TABs. Here’s another thought - possibly punters wagering with the Victorian TAB are more experienced with the Quadrella and know how to invest on the bet type better than their interstate counterparts. After all, Victoria is the birthplace of the Quadrella and punters there have been wagering on the bet type for a few decades longer than those interstate (The Quadrella was first introduced in Victoria in 1972, in NSW in 2004 and in Queensland in 2007.) Of course this increased understanding of Quadrellas and ability to snare one comes at a price - the more winning Quadrella bettors there are the lower will be the Quadrella dividend.