By All Accounts Australians Love A Punt

A national survey has revealed that the majority of Australian punters operate more than one on line betting account.

In the ‘Australian Horse Racing and Betting Survey’ we asked respondents which on line wagering companies they bet with. 68% said they used more than one corporate bookmaker or TAB.

Bettors often opened accounts with different wagering companies so they could compare the odds offered by each operator and then select the best available. Gaining the best available odds and achieving the best possible percentage returns was a key motivation for having multiple betting accounts.

Punters also often opened additional accounts to take advantage of special offers for new account holders which commonly came in the form of free or bonus bets.

Each wagering company was seen to have its own particular strengths according to bettors. For example Tabcorp’s big plus in the eyes of punters was its accessibility – the fact that account holders could bet with in it on line, on course, in agencies and in Pubtabs.

Punters on average operated 2.5 betting accounts each. Some operated as many as eight separate betting accounts.

That fact that Australian punters typically use a number of different wagering companies to bet with encourages competition. Corporate bookmakers and the TABs need be competitive with the odds they offer, their promotional deals and provide quality service if they want to entice punters to wager with them rather than rival operators.

For more information on the 'Australian Horse Racing and Betting Survey' please see '
Survey Report '.