2016 Horse Racing and Betting Survey

Like to have your say about the Australian horse racing and betting industry? You can do so by taking part in our landmark survey and completing the questionnaire below. The results of our on line survey will be read by racing authorities and betting agency bosses so this is your opportunity to tell them what you think. Punters seem to have very little input into the way the industry is run so this is your chance to voice your opinion and in doing so help shape the future of the industry.The questionnaire will take you only a few minutes to complete. Your responses are anonymous - we don't ask for your name, address or phone number. We simply ask for your honest and considered opinions on a range of issues. We'll then tally up the total responses to each question to get an overall picture of what people think. If you would like further information about this study please email us. When you have completed the questionnaire simply click on the 'Submit' button at the bottom of this page. Thank you for taking time to participate in this survey - your input is greatly appreciated.

Q1. Which of these do you bet on?
Q2. Which of these betting agencies do you use?
Q7. Which of these statements do you AGREE with?
Q10. I would like my betting agency to offer me -
Q13. Which of these statements do you AGREE with?
Q14. I consider myself to be -
Q15. Gender
Q17. Marital Status
Q19. Employment Status
Q20. Level of Education
Q21. State or Territory

Thank you for completing the questionnaire.